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PetroInternational is a Consulting organization based in the United States. We complement our client’s resources in Project Planning, Execution, and Management on Major Capital Projects. Our team’s expertise covers the entire Oil/Gas cycle from Regional Studies and Exploration to Field Development, LNG, Power, Pipeline, CCUS and Environmental projects in North America, Middle East, West Africa, Central Asia, S.E. Asia and Russia.  


Support the Client's project team to achieve secure, efficient project delivery. Our G&G and Reservoir Engineering experts harmonize production and resource longevity, while our CCUS team advances emission reduction and sustainability through interdisciplinary methods. 

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Our team experience covers Upstream, LNG, Power, Environmental and Carbon Capture projects for world leading Oil and Gas companies in North America, Europe, Middle East, West Africa, Russia, Central Asia and S.E. Asia. 

SS Mohammadi,  PhD

Planning & Execution
Graduate of Colorado Sch of Mines, MIT and UNC with 40 years of project planning and execution experience

BJ Jazayeri, MSc

Graduate of University College London, MIT and Boston University with over 35 years of process engineering experience

Perry Montazer, PhD

Geological Engineering
Graduate of Colorado School of Mines with over 40 years of engineering and project controls experience

Farrokh Pebdani, MSc 

Field Development
Graduate of Luisiana State University and The University of Texas with over 35 years of reservoir management experience

Kave Dehghani, PhD

Reservoir Mgm't
Graduate of University of Southern California with over 40 years of reservoir engineering and management experience

Don Best, PhD

Reservoir Mgm't                 
Graduate of Queen's University with over 40 years of reservoir engineering and management experience.

Bruce Sloychuk

Construction Mgm't 
Graduate of NAIT and Red River Polytechnic with over 40 years of Construction Management experience.

M.R. Fassihi, PhD

 CCUS Technologies
Graduate of Stanford University with over 40 years of reservoir and technology development experience 

M.R. Daneshvar, PhD

Graduate of University of Wisconsin with over 30 years of Geophysical applications and Quantitative Interpretation experience

Robert Grady P.E.

Graduate of  Texas A&M  with over 36 years of Drilling experience.